A Letter From Our Founder

Welcome to Brimstone Apothecary!

Brimstone was born out of my lifelong relationship with Hemp/Cannabis and my years of experience behind the bar in some of Philly’s hottest restaurants. Having spent most of 2020 without a job and sampling a wide range of edibles with hit or miss results, I made a commitment to work on tools for my own personal growth, spiritual development, and overall wellness and I knew I could develop an edible that would align with these goals. I started small, first sharing my experiments with family and friends. Over time, I was able to build a small following and on April 20th, 2023, Brimstone went legit in order to bring our products to the wider community of folks desiring high quality edibles and gummies.

Brimstone is heavily influenced by my time in the D.I.Y. punk scene and my obsession with the transformative power of Alchemy, which is the ability to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. Though I don’t claim that Brimstone offers any miracle cures, I have seen the magic of our products firsthand and am inspired by how it has helped my friends and loved ones Relax, Rest, Refresh and Recharge - both physically and spiritually. In fact, through Brimstone, I was able to offer my mother CBD gummies to help with her anxious thoughts at bed time. It’s her success with the product, and stories like these, that drive me to keep pushing Brimstone forward.

I firmly believe that Hemp/Cannabis is the future of our social culture and I’m proud that Brimstone is at the forefront of this mass revolution. With the benefits of Cannabis far surpassing those of alcohol, more and more people are turning to the plant in various ways for daily relief. My vision is to create a high-end, Philadelphia-based, punk-inspired Cannabis brand offering high-quality, handmade, small-batched edibles for both recreation and wellness.

Brimstone is open to everyone and is especially geared towards the grown-up and professional punks and misfits determined to holistically live their best life. Our vibe may be a bit more underground but that's because we're looking for our ride-or-die crew. We're more than just a brand or product, we're building a community. 

Punk or not, if you resonate with our unique signs and symbols, don't hesitate to join us. Together, we can further expand the boundaries of the Cannabis industry and pave the way for a brighter, sweeter, and more holistic future.

Shane, Founder

An Alternative to Alcohol

Inspired by the transformative power of alchemy, our mission is to inspire a new era of conscious consumption through our artisanal hemp-infused snacks that provide a healthier alternative to alcohol

A Vision for the Future

At Brimstone Apothecary, our vision is to lead the charge in revolutionizing the way people think about and interact with Hemp/Cannabis. Through our DIY culture and commitment to holistic excellence, we seek to not only excite taste buds but to build an alchemy-inspired brand that enhances the overall well-being of our customers